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Translating The Intentions

Curated Items That Fit Your Stories

Because #YourStoriesMatters

Since it was formed, surely every place has a story and values ​​that are held.

Values ​​are what make the fuel and direction in achieving goals.

Have you ever lost your way on a journey and wondered why you did this? Why is it here?

We believe that every place always tries to bring values ​​to life so that everyone who is in it feels that this is the right place & what they have been looking for all this time, starting with simple things, through items of value and in accordance with the spirit that is echoed.

We believe that the values ​​in each item can represent the story of each place, an expression that is not only valuable to the place but also passed on to everyone in it. A carefully thought out form of attention.

So, what kind of value goods do you want to deliver? What will always be remembered? What strengthens the bond between the two? The following is a brief overview of the value of each item that can represent you and help you to get started translating the intentions 🙂

Productivity Visualization


Everyone wants a minimum effort for maximum output. Working more efficiently is the key. Concern about being productive? Support with items that allow you to do your best & used most frequently. Here are items to consider that can benefit your job.


The positive & significant contributions of the job to one’s life & the satisfaction that an individual derives from their job is important. Live it with something as meaningful as their work. Explore to find meaningful stuff that will make them proud for being part of you.


The value that is held by purpose has wonderful stories. In this digital environment, it is challenging without a physical connection. Create the same feelings of excitement among others by giving the stuff to provide tangible connection & raise willingness to engage.

Durability visualization


Good quality is a must. Whether you work indoors or outdoor everyone needs an item that is reliable during activities. Pay more attention to it, provide items that are evergreen and durable so that increase the life-span to make it last!


Wellness is optimal health and vitality, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, social, and environmental well-being. So what things you can provide to maintain your dearest one wellness day-to-day?


Dizzy, headache, faint, or not feeling well is uncomfortable and can affect work. Concern about it is also concern about your wellness. Want your workers to impress by your virtue? Here are the items you should prepare.


Its time to think about our impact on the environment. By using eco-friendly products, you are not just contributing to closing the loop of production but also for others’ well-being. By choosing this you are one step ahead to make our planet a better place.


100% made in Indonesia! Make the best and most memorable impression, local stuff tells stories and impressions about how you and your company value local values and how you build relationships with the surrounding community.