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Ramadan & Eid Hampers

Batch 1: Until 8th April 2022

Are you looking for a valuable gift for your special one?

Here we are, in front of you, making personalized hampers that make your company closer to your dearest by bringing emotional closeness. Especially in this Ramadan & Lebaran moment that happening now, very related. We make sure the gift you give is useful stuff that can be used for last. Want the best impression? Choose unique items for starters.

Ready to get started?

Adonara Package

SOUVIA X Bumi Adonara

A package that is concerned to empower artisans in NTT & Bogor. Its tenun accent uniqueness combined with premium material make it more exclusive.

Adonara 1

Rp 382.000

Adonara 2

Rp 642.000

Adonara 3

Rp 792.000

Adonara Package Review

by Ifan ‘Seventeen’ and Wife

SOUVIA X Bumi Adonara

Bringing Togetherness Through Sharing

SOUVIA, local souvenir producers, impacting & empowering dozens of sewing SMEs at the foot of Mount Salak, Bogor with a turnover of billions per month.

While Bumi Adonara is a social enterprise, empowering mama-mama penenun from Adonara Island, NTT. Bumi Adonara introduced weaving and increased the economic level of penenun in Adonara because weaving is one of the cultural traditions that should be preserved.

“What will happen if tenun from NTT is sewn by Padjadjaran earth artisan into a local value product and focus on empowerment?” NUSANTARA HAMPERS

By buying the items you are automatically contributing to our social movement not only to provide THR, business capital, and joint savings for our artisans but also to repair public facilities.

Let’s put smiles on their faces!

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