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Souvia Indonesia

Pleasing client before has never been easier!

Together with Souvia.co.id, let’s create a souvenir need that focuses on helping you to please your clients with something they will use and love for a long time. Through various kinds of marketing gifts & merchandise that we have.

Online Souvenir and Seminar Kit Provider No. 1 in Indonesia

SOUVIA (Souvenir Indonesia) through its business channels, namely paketseminar.com and tasgoodiebag.com, is a company that provides souvenirs and online seminar kits no. 1 in Indonesia. It has been trusted by more than 2000 consumers from Aceh to Papua, ranging from government agencies, private sector to individuals. We have a dream to be present in all major cities in Indonesia so that we can serve the needs of consumers throughout Indonesia.


Becoming a Trusted Solution for Procurement of Souvenirs & Seminar Kits


Core Values



As a B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) company, SOUVIA always prioritizes trust as the main capital in doing business. Thousands of clients and hundreds of testimonials and our portfolios are shown as evidence and our capital in doing business. We believe that the more clients who trust us, the more our company will grow.



Open, if there is a problem, convey it at meeting


Everything conveyed is logical, there is no logical fallacy


Fast in executing and evaluating critical and important matters

Knitting Spirit with SOUVIA

SOUVIA works to spread love by presenting the best products and services according to your expectations. With high dedication, we innovate, create, and are responsible for creating quality souvenirs. We believe that souvenirs can convey messages, values, and love in every part.


Why Trust SOUVIA?

Reliable Solution

Has worked with thousands of clients in various regions by prioritizing service

Ready Sample

Make it easy to get product visualization as part of the ordering service


Registered as a PKP and always support tax invoices for the needs of your company/institution

Ready to Visit

Always ready to meet your visiting requests and provide the best offer for you


Dynamic following trends, answering your needs, custom is not a problem


On Time

Work and delivery according to the schedule set for your benefit

Friendly & Solution

Communicative is the key in problem solving that can answer your desires

Lumpsum Available

Providing Lump Sum services to make it easier to fulfill your needs

SOUVIA Social Impact

SOUVIA continues to strive to provide social impact to the community in the area around the SOUVIA workshop in Cibungbulang, Bogor. We partner with many local sewing entrepreneurs and continue to strive to empower local tailors and workers.

Local Entrepreneur Partner

Empowered Local Tailors & Workers



Company Legality

PT. Gema Mulia Semesta

Kami mendukung transaksi yang memerlukan faktur pajak.

Usia Bisnis (Tahun)

Kota / Kab. Lokasi Klien

Klien Puas

Varian Produk

Produk Terjual (pcs)

Authorized Vendor

Our Story to Survive Against Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit SOUVIA‘s business hard. The demand for souvenirs & seminar kits fell sharply because many seminars and workshops were canceled. But we didn’t give up. We continue to try to survive by taking advantage of the various opportunities that exist. Some of our efforts to survive during the pandemic:

1. Production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazmat Suit
2. Fabric Mask Production
3. Eid Parcel Provider
4. Provider of Sacrificial Animals
5. Production of Custom T-Shirt Units
6. Hydroponic Class

In 2021, we are again preparing to meet the needs of our clients’ souvenirs & seminar kits. We continue to try to survive during the pandemic, because we believe that as time goes on we will be ready and able to meet the needs of souvenirs & seminar kits for all of our clients.




We Are #YourTrustedSouvenir

nani tanjung
nani tanjung
Salesnya cepat bikin revisi. Delivery barang jg on schedule, walaupun belum pernah bertemu face to face tp tim souvia cukup responded. Mgkn boleh ditambah jenis souvenir dan modelnya. Kaya buat ramadhan gini, banyak event bukber bisa ditambah souvenir sajadah travel atau mukenah travel
Sasha Jw
Sasha Jw
Hi souvia, i'm from PT. MAS was satisfied with your service!
Muhammad Isnan Zuhri
Muhammad Isnan Zuhri
Pesan pulpen costum, kualitas pulpennya bagus banget, sablonannya keren dan rapih, pengerjaannya cepat, CSnya ramah, Alhamdulillah
Evi Nur
Evi Nur
Banyak pilihan souvenir, bisa selesai tepat waktu. Kemaren aku pesen dengan tenggat waktu 3 hari, alhamdulillah selesai dgn hasil yang memuaskan 🫶🏻
Vina Themol
Vina Themol
Amelia Puspitasari
Amelia Puspitasari
Souvenirnya selesai dibuat sesuai dengan tanggal yang dijanjikan, produknya sesuai dengan yang dijelaskan, dan salesnya responsif
Intan Kusumawati
Intan Kusumawati
Saya Intan dari USSEC Indonesia, sangat merekomendasikan Souvia untuk menjadi salah satu rekanan karena pelayanan yang ramah dan pengerjaannya tepat waktu.
Aku Rekomen Souvia buat yg lagi cari Tas backpack bagus yg sesuai ekspektasi, sesuai yg ada di foto, di Souvia aja. Harganya juga terjangkau untuk rupa dan material yg "mahal". Worth to buy, bakal repeat order di Souvia 👌
Nadya Farhani
Nadya Farhani
Their services are good, the product done with affordable price and fast. Recommended place to handle your souvenir.

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